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As declared in the original mission statement, Plastic Ingenuity “we will be ever mindful of our natural environment.” This remains an important principle as PI continues to produce innovative, quality plastic packages. PI is a certified member of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Green Tier program and practices smart recycling as well as smart energy strategies to help merge environmental and business oriented goals together.

Here’s what Plastic Ingenuity is doing to help better serve the environmental community:

  • Protect local waters with rain gardens and run-off filters
  • Use solar energy, reducing its electricity use 10% every 5 years
  • Implement T8 light bulbs and occupancy sensors to decrease energy consumption in its lighting system by 66%
  • Recycle majority of plastics, which diminishes it’s land fill contributions by over 1 million pounds per year
  • Reuse self-produced energy,shortening natural gas usage and capturing a potentially wasted heat source.
  • Reduce water consumption

To learn more about what Plastic Ingenuity is doing to help lessen its global footprint, download the Green Ingenuity brochure.