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For those in the food industry, whether you’re a producer, trader or distributor, having the right certification can have a significant impact on your business. One often used certification in the food business is SQF – a certification program administered by the Safe Quality Food Institute. This program is an all-inclusive “food safety and quality management certification system” and can be applied to everyone in the food industry from farmers to those in the packaging solutions business.

In addition, requiring SQF certification from suppliers helps protect your brand by ensuring your suppliers are focusing on hazard analysis, risk assessment and proactive prevention strategies. This, in turn, increases consumer confidence and loyalty.  No matter what end of the food supply chain your company may be on, here are six good reasons why you should get an SQF certification:

  1. Establishment – Having an SQF certification reassures those you conduct business with that you are a trusted company that adheres to the safety standards promulgated by SQFI.
  2. Accessibility – A certification will open more doors for your company. Many retailers or dispensers require their suppliers to have an SQF certification. This helps assure safe business practice for both parties. Also, the SQF is recognized around the world, which opens doors for international business.
  3. Quality – Many businesses in the food industry have an SQF certification, as well as other essential credentials.  SQF certifications signal to potential business partners that your company has the appropriate safeguards and procedures in place.
  4. Stability – Having an SQF and other required certifications will help lower the amount of risk for your business, since adherence to the SQF standards help ensure businesses have taken appropriate precautions to avoid disruptions in supply due to a food safety issue or catastrophic event such as a tornado or fire..
  5. Safety – If you’re a food supplier or packaging manufacturer, a certification helps ensure your business partners that the process and procedures you use are safe and among the most stringent in the food industry.
  6. Image – As always, the marketing side of your business is important. A SQF certification lets both the public and your clients know that your company can be trusted when it comes to food health and safety. This can help strengthen your overall image as a reliable business and supplier.




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  1. Glenn Oster says:

    Great reasons for getting SQF certified.

    As SQF Registered Consultants we have received a number of consulting inquiries from packaging companies and they are increasing.

    Kind regards,
    Glenn Oster

    Glenn Oster Consulting, LLC
    SQF Registered Food Safety Consultant
    Certified in over 24 food sector categories
    Melbourne, Florida USA

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