Founded in 1962, Techform is an ISO registered manufacturer of creative custom thermoformed precision blisters, trays, clamshells and counter displays for retail and specialty applications, and related contract packaging.

Today, with even greater emphasis on quality control, customer service and the latest technology, we're the only name you need for all your thermoformed product needs. From capsules to candles, tools to toiletries - if you need to package it, we'll provide the ideal solution. In fact, "solutions" are what we're all about. We use our experience, our ISO certified facilities and our state-of-the-art equipment to design, produce, and deliver the right product at the right price - and in the right quantity, no matter how large an order you need.

Techform builds its own tooling, and offers extensive CAD/CAM supported design and prototyping services.


What We Do

  • Blisters, Clamshells, Trays, and Process
  • Combo Mold (gang run) Blisters
  • Medical Thermoforming
  • Contract Packaging Services
  • Product Development and Tooling

A Message to You

Thank you to all of our customer who have been part of Techform's success since 1962. We have asked our friends at Plastic Ingenuity to help our valued customers with future projects and requests.

See how they can help you here.