As a packaging company and one of the largest custom thermoformers in North America, Plastic Ingenuity provides unparalleled customer service and satisfaction.

PI leads the nation in innovative packaging solutions that encompass every stage of packaging design and manufacturing, from initial proposals to the finished product. PI provides a wide range of thermoforming, tooling, extrusion, and design services, and PI also maintains strict controls over the process from start to finish to ensure faster response times and superior results.

Green Technologies

Our commitment to the environment is evident in the corporate initiatives undertaken by Plastic Ingenuity. PI participates in Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources Green Tier program and works to reduce our environmental footprint through various manufacturing initiatives. Standing head and shoulders above other plastic packaging companies, Plastic Ingenuity is proud of our environmental record during our nearly forty years of business, and we look forward to helping create new and innovative packaging solutions and green technologies.

In addition to producing a superior quality product for cosmetic packaging, preserving the environment is central to Aveda’s mission. Our leadership stance on materials-use issues can sometimes present challenges to suppliers. PI has been a terrific partner to us—they fully understand the unique nature of our business and strive to meet, and in many cases exceed, our expectations.

—Deb Darling, Director of Packaging Materials & Innovations

Working to Serve Our Customers Better

As a member of the Thermoforming Institute, it is our goal to work with other like-minded thermoforming packaging companies to envision and create new techniques and processes to improve our services for our extensive and varied customer base. This commitment to customer satisfaction has made us an industry leader among product packaging companies in innovative packaging solutions throughout the marketplace, from uniquely appealing retail designs to chemically inert pharmaceutical packaging solutions. Plastic Ingenuity aims to be the sole-source plastic packaging company for all our customers’ various needs.