Unlike other plastic packaging companies, we control every level of production and will deliver packaging solutions in record time.

Blister packaging is useful across a number of industries, so Plastic Ingenuity has tailored our facilities and production techniques to serve each of those industries. From updating equipment regularly to meeting the federal standard on clean rooms, we set the standard for efficiency among packaging companies. We offer custom blister packaging designs expertly designed to conform to the lines of your products and to keep them safe during shipment. No matter what industry you are in; no matter how big or small your product, you’ll find the Plastic Ingenuity staff more than capable of creating a blister pack design that works for you.

We produce blister packaging across all industries.

Our ability to specialize and serve multiple industries sets us well apart from other packaging companies. Throughout Plastic Ingenuity’s existence as a company, we have helped hundreds of well-known companies protect and display their goods with high-quality blister packaging. To date, the sectors we serve include:

  • Cosmetics Companies
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical Research and Production Companies
  • Food Distribution and Production Firms
  • General Retail
  • Electronics Manufacturers
  • Mobile Device Manufacturers

If you represent a company from one of these sectors, or want to learn more, contact us today!

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