Protective packaging, airtight design.

Blister Packaging Protects and Displays Small Products

Small products, such as pills and watch batteries, pose a number of unique challenges when it comes to plastic packaging design. Delicate products, like pills, must be protected against crushing, while batteries must be protected against air contact, which can cause corrosion if the batteries are not used quickly. Fortunately, Plastic Ingenuity offers custom packaging designed to address these complications with an ideal packaging solution—blister packaging.

Development of Blister Packaging

We extrude our own plastic sheets in varying degrees of thickness. Several color options are available, though clear packaging tends to be the most popular choice for blister packaging. From there, our skilled thermoforming and vacuum-forming technicians utilize our robotics to compress heated plastic into an airtight, fitted design. Our blister pack packaging solutions allow you to:

  • Customize the thermoforming packaging according to the size, quantity, and requirements of the product for blister packaging.
  • Seal our blister packs against cardboard and other backings to better display your graphics and ensure that each product is in its own airtight blister.
  • Ensure consumers can remove your products one at a time without sacrificing the integrity of the other blisters or products in the blister pack.

Why Plastic Ingenuity?

With years of experience serving the retail and pharmaceutical industries, Plastic Ingenuity prioritizes client satisfaction above all else. Our design team will make a number of changes to blister pack packaging per your requests, and our production team will not begin the manufacturing process until you have approved a final blister packaging prototype.

How to Reach Us

If your company is in need of customized blister packaging solutions with speedy packaging design and production, look no further! Contact Plastic Ingenuity online today or call us at (608) 798-3071 to consult with one of our packaging specialists.