The applications of blister packaging across industries.

Ease of Use

Blister packaging is not only simple for manufacturers to create, it’s theft-resistant and easy for the customer to open once it’s been purchased. When it comes to creating a protective seal around a product that doesn’t require additional tools to open, blister packaging is the best bet.

These packages are also great for displaying in stores. Since the packaging works seamlessly with peg hooks and can also sit independently on a shelf, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling, there’s a package for it. Custom packaging means that you get to choose how your product is presented in a store.


Custom packaging is ideal for many products that require a unique shape. Take, for example, miniature car models like the ones you had as a kid. If these were in a box, you wouldn’t be able to see the detail up close. A plastic manufacturer knows that when it comes to some products, being able to see them is a pivotal point in whether someone makes a purchase or not.

The transparency of this type of packaging is great for electronics, too. In the case of headphones or a cell phone cover, blister packaging helps you see the actual size and colors of the product, so you know exactly what you’re getting.


Custom packaging that utilizes blister packaging is perfect for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, some foods, and plenty of other retail items, like cell phones, headphones, and more.

If a plastic manufacturer needs to create a package, there is virtually no limit for what size and shape of a blister (the plastic part in blister packing) should be. Since this method of packaging goods is so adaptable, it’s not surprising that it’s one of the most popular ways that companies choose to present their wares.

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