Discover endlessly customizable blister pack packaging from Plastic Ingenuity, a high-quality plastic packaging company.

In addition to creating standard medical and pharmaceutical testing equipment like plastic trays, Plastic Ingenuity offers a broad spectrum of customization options for blister pack packaging. Small, “single-serve” products, like pills and batteries, require special treatment when it comes to protecting them from oxidation and humidity. That’s why our blister pack packaging is designed to prevent contamination and ensure that each pharmaceutical product is entirely sterile.

A plastic packaging company committed to safety.

In addition to producing pharmaceutical packaging like trays and blister pack packaging in “clean rooms” that comply with all federal standards, our plastic packaging company is aware of the importance of childproofing. When we consult with you regarding our blister pack packaging, we will work to ensure that our packaging design will work with whichever adhesive and backing you are using. We account for details like perforations, bendable corners, embossed textures and identifying marks, and more to ensure that our products comply with the required level of childproofing, while remaining easy to open for adults.

Attractive blister pack packaging for retail displays and more.

In addition to creating blister pack packaging, our plastic packaging company also produces high-quality packaging for retail products intended for in-store displays, clamshell packaging for various industries, and custom plastic packaging solutions. Products like office supplies, toys, light bulbs, and more are held securely in a blister pack made out of high-quality packaging plastic. This protects them during shipping and from human error, while giving customers a great view of your product.

To learn more about our plastic packaging company or to order blister pack packaging tailored for your products, contact Plastic Ingenuity today or call us at 608-798-3071.