Key considerations for working with a blister packaging company.

Blister packaging is a multi-step process.

Blister Packaging for Products

Because blister packaging uses both thermoformed plastic and a backing, making a blister package is a multi-step process that requires several different operations.

First, you must work with your packaging company to determine how you want to display your product within the package. While the packaging company designs and thermoforms a blister around this, you must also design the backing. This typically consists of paper or cardboard that is printed on the front and back, and to which the hinges of the blister adhere—a process that may or may not require a heat-sealing operation.

Communication is Key

When working with a packaging company to design customer blister packaging, communication is an essential step. This allows you to make sure that the blister lines up properly with the backing and the design that is printed on it. You may, for example, be able to use a prototype from your manufacturer to design your backing, so that the two pieces fit together.

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