There is no shortage of packaging solutions for small products, like batteries and pharmaceuticals, but blister packaging is by far the most useful. To find out why, read on!

Products with a diameter of one centimeter or less require special consideration during the packaging process. In addition to being, in many cases, delicate and prone to crushing or oxidation, there is also the practical aspect of small product packaging: containment. Blister packaging provides the optimal packaging solution in that it provides single-use packaging while containing the rest of your packet. This leads to packaging solutions such as foil-backed blister packages for pharmaceuticals with optional perforations, similar packaging for hearing aid batteries, as well as packaging for larger products, such as the blisters you see for matchbox cars and other children’s toys.

Blister packaging ensures safety and convenience.

When it comes to thinking about a packaging solution for your products, it’s important that you consider your customers’ use of the product. Certainly, pharmaceutical packaging for retail includes large bottles made of heavy, opaque plastic. But this type of packaging is hardly a solution to transportation issues. Conversely, when you choose perforated blister packaging, your customers can conveniently tear off a single dose at a time to carry in their purse, wallet, backpack, or even pocket. The blisters are made from durable, transparent packaging plastic that keeps out moisture and allows customers to gauge the condition of the product before using it.

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