Whether you sell gum or prescription medication, blister packs will give you and your customers increased peace of mind and ease of opening. Learn more about our blister pack packaging today!

Our unique, airtight blister pack packaging will protect and display all your small products.

Finding a convenient packaging solution for small products, such as pills and watch batteries, can pose a challenge. You don’t want to go overboard on the amount of plastic used, but you also don’t want smaller products to get lost in the interim. Blister packaging offers the ideal solution. You’ll find that blister packs protect small products against dirt and oxidation, maintaining the quality and freshness of your products. But blister packaging also deals only with the thinnest layers of plastic, making them far more eco-friendly than thick pill bottles and other packaging designs.

What makes the difference? PI controls every level of production on all our packaging, including blister packs.

As a vertically integrated packaging manufacturer, we design, monitor, and implement all aspects of production. We extrude thin, yet strong plastic sheets to your specifications, right down to the color and type of plastic you want in your blister pack packaging. Our thermoformers utilize advanced robotics to compress each sheet of heated plastic into designs customized to your company’s products and brand identity. Due to the advanced capabilities of our blister packaging facilities, we can seal your custom blister packs against aluminum, cardboard, and even different plastics to provide varying degrees of protection. This is particularly important on potentially dangerous items, like medication, which require a degree of precautionary measures to protect small children from their own curiosity. Despite these precautionary measures, responsible consumers will find that our blister packs are simple to open.

We won’t be happy until you’re happy.

Plastic Ingenuity prioritizes your satisfaction, and we won’t stop innovating until we can develop a design that you love. We’ll even design prototype blister packs for you to examine and approve.

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