Pharmaceutical industry mainstay blister packaging is made through Plastic Ingenuity’s constantly improving plastic thermoforming process!

Plastic Ingenuity offers a number of customizable options for pharmaceutical packaging, like blister packaging. Whether you need sample-sized blister packaging for a single pill or a dedicated order for “big box” store supplies, we will create a safe, customized solution using plastic thermoforming. A consultant will go through the process with you regarding the blister packaging backing, the adhesive, textures, dosage, child safety, and more.

Safety is our first priority for all of our plastic thermoforming.

We are highly experienced in the field of pharmaceutical packaging, so we know what it takes to produce blister packaging safely and efficiently. Our facilities meet all federal standards and maintain a high standard of cleanliness, hygiene, and safety. We manufacture all pharmaceutical and medical packaging in clean rooms specifically designed for the production thereof. We are able to ensure that our blister packaging is user-friendly for adults suffering from arthritis and rheumatism, but still childproof. You know your clientele better than we do, so mention any special considerations before deciding on a prototype.

Protect sensitive pills from moisture and light with blister packaging.

No matter how much research you do regarding pill coatings and damage prevention, certain pills will always be more susceptible to humidity and light damage. That’s why we offer superior seals for all of our blister packaging. Just speak with a designer regarding adhesives and any particular sensitivity your pills have. From there, we will select a specific packaging plastic, thermoforming a prototype specific to your company and medication.

Discover how our plastic thermoforming creates the most efficient blister packaging on the market, contact Plastic Ingenuity! Call us today at 608-798-3071 or contact us online.