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PI Creates Explanatory Packaging, Wins Ameristar Award

At Plastic Ingenuity (PI), we have a strong commitment to innovation, customer service, design, and manufacturing.

After celebrating Ameristar Awards in 2015 for both GlaxoSmithKline medical device packaging and Sargento food packaging, we’re thrilled to announce another victory for 2016: the “Best in Show” Ameristar Award for our instructional packaging design for the Philips Respironics Amara™ View Mask.

Innovation Study: The Amara™ View Mask by Philips Respironics

Plastic Ingenuity - Amara View MaskThe Amara™ View Mask CPAP is an unusual product: the unique, minimal contact oral/nasal mask design was created to cradle under a sleep apnea patient’s nose, protecting the nose bridge from irritation and red marks.

Most other CPAP masks fit over the nose, making this product unique from other models throughout the entire industry — and unfortunately, very confusing to patients.

Users were quick to wear it like a standard mask, fitted over the nose, defeating the purpose of the whole design.

Our PI team’s solution was simple: show the consumer exactly where the mask is oriented by building a thermoformed plastic nose right into the packaging. But that wasn’t all — the Amara™ View Bubble excelled in six separate categories to bring home the 2016 Ameristar Award.

  • Innovation: The Amara™ View Mask package, in addition to conveying the mask’s unique orientation on a human face, also needed to capture and contain the mask without contacting its delicate silicone membrane — and all without straight edges.The design, manufactured using custom thermoformed plastic, features a specialty post, extending claws, and pneumatic flipper features to secure the mask in a safe, convenient way.
  • Product Protection: The extremely delicate silicone membrane of the mask required sealing to protect it from compression, dust, debris, and any other kind of dirt or dangerous punctures. The custom packaging performed in all of these categories without issue.
  • Economics: The package is useful for ongoing storage for patients. Though the product is available in four different mask sizes, all sizes can utilize this single packaging design, allowing for an efficient, single, large-volume production run.
  • Package Performance: There is no contact whatsoever to the silicone sealing membrane of the mask, and the package design also minimizes wrinkles and creases. The nose and clip features provide an educational element to the end user, while the parts are nested carefully in the box for easy manual assembly.
  • Marketing: The existing CPAP market is well established in its design, making Amara™ View Mask’s major advantage, a new fit, also its greatest struggle: patients assumed that the mask fit and worked just like any other.By building in clear, visual packaging cues, users were directed to proper use by simply opening the product.
  • Environmental Impact: Made from monolayer HIPS, the packaging can technically be recycled, though it’s designed to be used for ongoing storage. There is an absolute minimum amount of gauge in its design.

Introducing a new product to the market depends on more than just a clever design; users need product education to both understand and appreciate its use.

The right custom packaging solution offers a clear, cost-effective way to educate and communicate with customers, and it’s a solution within reach.

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