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Many companies in the food industry choose clamshell designs for their numerous advantages, including exceptional food protection, lower production costs, and much more. At Plastic Ingenuity, we’ve helped both food companies and restaurants develop the packaging they need for their products. Examine the benefits of clamshell packaging for the food industry.

Food Protection

Food products need to be properly protected to remain in a sanitary condition. Retail food items have their own unique challenges to meet—if food products are not packaged properly, they may grow mold and become unsanitary to eat.  To-go containers for restaurants also need designs that offer protection and resist outside contamination. Clamshell packaging keeps products fresh and secure from tampering—excellent for ready-to-eat food options, as well as for storing food in to-go containers.

Easy Accessibility

When customers are trying to open their food packaging containers, they will not want to spend additional time doing so. Therefore, packaging designs that have high levels of tamper resistance and take considerable effort to open, such as blister packaging, are not ideal for food products. Although clamshell packaging keeps food products safe from accidental spoilage, the design allows for the consumer to open the package with ease while still maintaining security. They can simply lift up the tabs on the package and easily close them when needed.

Lower Cost

Clamshell packaging is relatively inexpensive compared to other designs because it is available in stock designs that do not require extensive customization.  Many restaurants and companies prefer stock clamshell packaging for their food products for this reason. While these clamshell packages are cost effective to use, they do not sacrifice high quality—and still provide the necessary levels of protection to keep products safe.


In retail markets, customers are driven by visuals—especially for food products. When purchasing foods like salad, fruit or other items are blocked from view as they move from aisle to aisle, they may be less likely to buy them because they cannot gauge the freshness or attractiveness of the products. Clamshell packaging provides the necessary visibility that emboldens sales and strengthens consumer trust and brand loyalty. Additionally, because products are clearly displayed in clamshell designs, consumers may be more likely to a notice them on the shelves than if the products were obscured by solid packaging.

Customization Options

The most attractive packaging design often performs the best with consumers. While you may not want to enable customization to your clamshell packaging design, you can still have your packaging company incorporate a custom logo or color into your design. If you are using clamshell packaging as to-go containers for your restaurant, you can also customize your clamshell designs. You can discuss what you want included for your design with your packaging specialist.

To learn more about clamshell packaging designs for the food industry, check in with our Facebook page, or talk to one of our packaging specialists today.

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