Consumer Trends Part 4: Unique Visual Designs

Posted by Rob Helmke | Tuesday, July 2, 2013 0 Comments

There is a time and a place for using stock packaging, but as more businesses are discovering, it's hard to beat a signature design. This isn't necessarily a new revelation—companies like Coca-Cola have capitalized on their distinctly-shaped packaging for decades. As markets become more competitive and companies work harder to build brand recognition in their advertising, though, custom packaging solutions are in increasingly high demand.

Brand recognition is a highly visual experience, dependent on colors, shapes, logos and packaging as much as (or more than) written words, and packaging companies are starting to realize the value of a signature design.

plastic packaging for retailShaping a Brand

At PI, we've always focused on crafting practical, cost-effective packaging with a distinct visual flair for every client. By giving packaging solutions unique sizes and shapes, packaging companies are able to help create and reinforce a brand. For example, at PI, we've created packaging for companies inspired directly by the target audience, the brand name and the tone of the marketing. By focusing on these messaging-related priorities, and not strictly the practicality of the design, packaging companies like us are able to play a valuable role in the overall marketing process.

Consumer Response

When a product's packaging is customized—even subtly—it creates an element of brand recognition that benefits both the business and the consumer. Consumers develop brand recognition based on visual cues like the packaging solution's shape, the company logo and even the color scheme used on the label.

This is why packaging companies are increasingly taking up our own long-held strategy: Work closely with the client to determine a highly customized development and manufacturing plan. We work quickly and hands-on with our clients to produce plans and prototypes, allowing us to create distinct visual designs for each one. As more packaging companies embrace that strategy, the more important a customized and recognizable design will become.

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