Consumer Trends Part 2: Eliminating Wrap Rage

Posted by Rob Helmke | Tuesday, June 18, 2013 0 Comments

It's happened to everyone: You take something home from the store, and try as you may, the product packaging is practically impossible to penetrate. Your fingernails are useless against its seals, and eventually, you have to settle for scissors or a utility knife. If you don't cut yourself on those, you're still vulnerable to the sharp edges of the material left behind. Frustrating, right?

That frustration is what we in the industry call "wrap rage,” and it's something that PI actively works to avoid in our own designs. When a packaging company loses focus on the consumer, they make unwieldy, hard-to-open packages. Consumers have had enough wrap rage, though, so our longtime focus at PI is becoming an industry trend: Make more user-friendly product packaging.

Plastic Packaging for ElectronicsCombining Security with Easy Opening

A packaging company must be able to find balance between security and user-friendliness. For example, at PI, we manufacture product packaging for high-value items like cell phones and medical supplies. While those items need to be securely packaged to prevent tampering and theft, sealing them too tightly within the package makes opening it at home frustrating. What we do, then, is incorporate user-friendly, tamper-evident seals. By giving the consumer options like simple pull-tabs, getting to the product inside is easy at home but conspicuous in the store.

Favoring User-Friendly Designs

Product packaging continues to embrace easy-open designs, even for razors and other products that are historically packaged very securely. Consumers can typically identify when a product is in a wrap rage-inducing package, and may even reject that product in-store for something more user-friendly. This type of shopping behavior is where consumer trends are born, demonstrating to packaging companies that they need to prioritize the user experience as well as the package's style and security. Thankfully, we've been doing that at PI for years—in other cases, eliminating wrap rage requires considerably bigger adjustments.

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