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The world of cosmetics is fast-paced and highly competitive, presenting unique challenges when it comes to packaging for cosmetics. At PI, our relationship with the cosmetics industry has taught us how to adapt to its demanding pace and need for innovative packaging solutions—here are just a few things that deserve special attention.

Visibility and Security

Cosmetics are unique because they must be highly visible in their packaging while remaining highly secure. They can't be obscured by their packaging, but because they are generally small and high-value, they must be tamper-resistant.

This is why plastic packaging is generally the standard for cosmetics—it can be extremely tough without sacrificing clarity. Of course, this means that the designer must know which type of plastic provides the best packaging solution for the job. Certain plastics are highly shatterproof, but scratch and compromise the product's aesthetic appeal. Others may be strong, but risk losing their clarity during manufacturing. There is no room for error in packaging for cosmetics, so it takes a designer with encyclopedic plastics knowledge as well as experience in this particular industry.

Custom Cosmetic Pachaging

Fast Design and Production

The cosmetics industry is extremely competitive, which also makes it move at a fast pace. This means that a designer specializing in packaging for cosmetics must be able to work at an equally-fast pace, from initial conception and prototyping to full-scale production. Otherwise, even an innovative product can be late to the store shelf, potentially losing a large share of its target audience before it even gets a chance.

The need for security, shelf appeal and innovation—all at an extremely quick pace, no less—make plastic packaging for cosmetics a unique industry segment that isn't for every designer. While it's a challenge, it's the type of challenge we welcome here at PI.

The Secrets of Successful Packaging

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