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After reading an article on about rage free packaging, it is apparent that consumer packaging has received a bad “wrap.” Plastic companies are definitely aware of this negative perception, some warranted and some not, and have begun reducing and eliminating this type of packaging when applicable.

Easy Open PackagingAmazon and Wal-Mart are pushing more manufacturers to change their packaging to reduce waste and ease shoppers’ “wrap rage” — the frustration felt when a product is difficult to open.  Such awkward packaging includes hard plastic clamshells that enclose electronics, and wire ties that secure items to cardboard backings.  Apparently Amazon has received complaints from customers who’ve purchased scissors in a clamshell, which requires another pair of scissors to open the package.

Believe it or not, there is a reason these packages are difficult to access, and it is probably not the most obvious.  Yes, consumer retail theft is one of the primary reasons these packages are impenetrable, but an even greater threat, according acording to the 2001 University of Florida National Retail Security Survey, is employee theft which is estimated to be responsible for 45.9% of store inventory shrinkage.

That represents an estimated employee theft price tag of about $15.2 billion per year. This amount makes employee dishonesty the greatest single threat to profitability at the store level.  The study found the average dollar loss per employee theft case to be $1,445.86 compared to $128.03 for the average shoplifting incident.

With this in mind, it is extremely challenging to create packaging that not only deters theft in the retail environment, but the warehouses as well.  With these challenges in mind, the plastics industry is creating more packaging with theft deterrents and easy open capabilities designed into the package itself.   Plastic Ingenuity has millions of retail and consumer electronics packages in the stream that feature an easy open packaging design that allows for access to the product without using a knife or scissors, while maintaining anti-tamper and pilfer proof measures.

These easy open packages feature a proprietary process that once sealed, allows the consumer to easily grasp two pull tabs to break the notches away.  The pull tabs are located in very specific points to provide the proper leverage to the consumer when attempting to open the package.  When the perforations are opened, they make a highly audible noise, and are visually transformed.

These design enhancements continue to protect and showcase the product, minus the need for a blow torch and crowbar to access the contents.

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