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With the vast array of cosmetics available every single day, it can be a difficult job to make your products stand out from the rest. There are a variety of different types of packaging to use for your products, but one of the most important things about cosmetics is keeping them free of contaminants and securely sealed before someone buys them—after all, how many times have we all seen bottles of nail polish tested on shelving units or tips of lipsticks marred by someone who wanted to see what the color looked like out of the tube? Choosing unique and secure packaging can have the ability to boost your product’s sales, so it’s important not to skimp when it comes to designing your cosmetic brand’s blister pack.Enhance cosmetics products with unique packaging

Benefits of Blister Packaging

One of the most popular types of plastic packaging is blister packaging. It allows for products to be heat-sealed into a plastic package, and protects them from theft, contamination and other damage. Blister packages are very strong, and can be custom formed to each product they hold, which is perfect for delicate cosmetic items like glass jars of liquid foundation or tubes of lip gloss. This type of packaging still allows consumers to see what the product looks like, but keeps it safe from germs, contaminants and other debris. If applicable to your industry, when you send your product to retailers, you can include an extra that can be used as a tester in store for customers to see in person—this way, consumers can know for sure what they are buying, but they’ll also have the benefit of knowing they’re getting a clean product.

Other Types of Cosmetic Packaging

If you’re not interested in blister packaging for your product there are a few others to choose from. For instance, clamshell packaging is also very popular, as it acts as a small billboard for your product—it can be hung on pegs or shelves, and allows for high levels of visibility for your brand name as well as the product, plus it doesn’t require heat sealing, making it a more convenient option for packaging processes. Like blister packaging, clamshells can be custom formed to each product.

Other product packaging options include trifolds, which can be great for things like gift sets during the holidays, since they can stand at a 90-degree angle, and lend themselves for use in display set-ups.

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