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As the market for cell phones and mp3 players continues to skyrocket, wireless device providers are looking for a packaging design that stands out among their competition. The hardware and software are growing increasingly close to one another so relying on the device’s capabilities alone is no longer an option. And in addition to an eye-catching display the plastic packaging must also provide a durable shell for these sensitive electronics from the warehouse of the packaging company to the retail aisle. There are several packaging companies out there who can swiftly adjust with the demands of their clients, which is essential in this highly competitive industry.

Here are three characteristics of a winning packaging design all wireless device providers need to consider when choosing a packaging company for their products:wireless device plastic packaging design


When a potential customer is browsing down a retail aisle, their eyes will be naturally drawn to the most attractive packaging design. While gaining their attention is the first step, allowing them to instantly recognize the product is important as well. Graphic insert cards can be easily formatted to the device’s plastic packaging to offer a clear representation of both the product and the company. Top packaging companies also take into consideration the fact these devices will be sold on peg hooks. Careful measurements will be addressed during the production phases to ensure the packaging design will allow for maximized stocking potential.


As mentioned above, providing a safe haven for these expensive devices is a critical responsibility of the packaging company. The device should fit snugly inside the inner plastic packaging and prohibit any chance for shock damage during shipping. And while the device is tightly embraced by the inner packaging, a tough outer shell should also prevent any damage from the warehouse and retail environment. Non tampering measures can also be taken to detour a thief or anyone attempting to gain access to the device without purchasing it.


When a paying customer actually does purchase the device, accessibility is the final function of the packaging design. Plastic packaging for wireless devices have often been scrutinized for their difficulty to open. Many consumers in the past have resorted to knives and other sharp objects which can not only damage the product but the actual human being as well. Premier packaging companies have addressed this issue and now provide unique easy-to-open packaging so consumers can quickly and safely open the package and begin enjoying their new wireless device.

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