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Here at Plastic Ingenuity, we already know custom packaging can directly affect consumers’ choices and how they perceive a particular item based on its looks in the packaging. But how does it work, exactly, and how can you design your products’ packaging for retail? We’ve outlined what to focus on when deciding what packaging is best for your products:


With so many different companies in the market offering the same products, an unexpected yet enticing packaging design can make or break a sale. For example, many medicines are packaged in small, cylindrical bottles. With innovative custom packaging like PI's design for Help Remedies, though, you can attract the consumer's attention with something unexpected. This makes it stand out from the competition, even in a crowded marketplace.


Plastic packaging stand out with clever a design balance with functionality.Colors should never be more than an afterthought when it comes to packaging for your product. When packaging for retail, it’s always important to remember that people often love to see bold and attractive colors used. A person may purchase a product after noticing it by its bright, eye-catching custom packaging. In fact, a survey found that 92.6 percent of people say they value visuals the most when choosing a product. This means that while your product may be fantastic, the colors used in the packaging to represent it could make the biggest difference in a sale.

For plastic, coloring is less common than a clear plastic, but it can be done. With some products, a fun burst of color can take the attractiveness to the next level, making consumers more likely to buy a product. Know your product when deciding what color your packaging should be. If the product itself is already a vibrant shade, perhaps using a clear plastic could showcase that best. Whatever option you choose, though, make sure it represents the product best.

The Secrets of Successful Packaging

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