Packaging Challenges: Creating Safe Pharmaceutical Packaging

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As specialists in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, we at PI know that creating safe and secure designs for products like medications comes with its own special challenges. You need not only a clean room and uniquely-hygienic manufacturing equipment like ours for safe production, but also designs that allow users to access their medications without posing a threat to children. Just like us, any packaging company working for this industry must have expertise not only in manufacturing, but in design, as well—and this can pose a true challenge. medical devices packaging tray

The Importance of Safe Packaging Solutions

Pharmaceutical packaging solutions have to keep medications safe not only on the store shelf, but in the home, as well. According to the CDC, every year, 70,000 emergency department visits are the result of children under the age of 18 unintentionally overdosing on medication.[1] These numbers rose between 2001 and 2009, and the group most at-risk for unintentional overdoses is children under the age of 5—not a group historically known for abusing medications.[2][3]

The implications of this are clear: Any packaging company that designs and manufactures pharmaceutical packaging has to focus on security and safety now more than ever. Unsafe packaging solutions pose a potential risk to those who don't understand the consequences of taking too much medication, so manufacturers have to take a serious and responsible approach to packaging design.

How to Design Safer Pharmaceutical Packaging

So how does a packaging company meet the challenge of designing a safe-yet-accessible package?

Ultimately, the manufacturer must address the needs of the pharmaceutical company and its audience on a case-by-case basis. For example, a packaging design for arthritis medication must be easy enough for an arthritic adult to open, but secure enough to keep children out. In other cases, compliance packaging can help consumers keep their doses separate and avoid accidentally losing track of their medications.

With the increasing importance of keeping personal medications safe and secure, pharmaceutical packaging solutions must be increasingly specialized. We meet that challenge at PI by tailoring every design to the specific needs of our clients and their audiences—only by specializing in a wide variety of pharmaceutical packaging types can a manufacturer like us provide adequate safety for sensitive products, answering one of the most unique and critical challenges that any packaging company today can face.

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