Posted by Rob Helmke | Monday, June 6, 2005 0 Comments

At the International Dairy, Deli, Bakery Association trade show on June 5-7, Plastic Ingenuity presented a number of the custom thermoformed products underdevelopment. The unique feature presented by these products was the utilization of NatureWorks PLA material.

NatureWorks PLA (Polylactide) is a polymer produced by Cargill Dow LLC. PLA is derived from a renewable resource, corn, and is considered a truly sustainable product.

PLA is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional petroleum based resin products. In addition, PLA products can be disposed of by utilizing industrial composting facilities, providing environmentally sound alternatives to managing solid waste.

"Our partners, whose founding principles focus on green, natural, environmentally friendly products, are extremely excited about the possibilities of PLA," states Denny McGuigan, National Sales Manager, Plastic Ingenuity. Plastic Ingenuity's packaging engineers continue to evaluate potential applications utilizing NatureWorks PLA.

Plastic Ingenuity, headquartered in Cross Plains, WI is a leader in the custom plastic thermoforming industry, providing solutions to the food, medical, retail, cosmetic and electronics industries.

For more information contact: Plastic Ingenuity, Inc. 608-798-3071.