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Blister packaging is suitable for a variety of needs: for packaging medical and pharmaceutical materials, for retail uses and even for electronics. Blister packs are quite versatile because of their ability to properly seal items within their packaging and portray interesting graphics to properly market the product. By utilizing blister packs to their fullest potential, items can be easily displayed for consumers and protected before they are sold, especially when it comes to items such as medicines or other items that require sealing before consumption.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

The most important characteristic needed for packaging in the medical and pharmaceutical industry is that containers provide a clean seal to prevent items from being contaminated. Blister packs provide the capability to properly seal objects within their packaging before they are to be used by either a medical practitioner or the patient. With substances such as medicines or vitamins, blister packaging provides a customized encasement, which protects the item but provides a visible window for consumers.blister packaging uv light

Retail and Electronic Packaging

In the retail industry, small articles such as pill batteries or screws require packaging that will not only show these pieces so consumers can see them before purchasing, but also prevent items from damage. Blister packaging provides the capability to show the items through the clear packaging for the consumer to preview before purchasing. This form of packaging is also suitable for fragile items such as electronics that require a sealed container that forms a barrier to dust or other small air particles that can damage sensitive items.

Blister packs can be customized according to the customers needs by changing the sizing of the packaging as well as the thickness of the plastic used for the packaging itself. This packaging method is quite inexpensive to produce and can contain numerous products at once. Plastic Ingenuity strives to make the best packaging for their clients, and blister packs provide one of the best customizable options.

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