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Sargento, GSK Partnerships Highlighted

From food to pharmaceuticals packaging, 2015 made for a year of groundbreaking work at Plastic Ingenuity. A leader in quality, customer service, design, and manufacturing, PI’s standards of excellence have been recognized with superior results worthy of not one, but two, AmeriStar Packaging Awards, recognizing outstanding innovations in the packaging industry.

AmeriStar-AwardGlaxoSmithKline and MD&M East

The 2015 MD&M East Conference, held from June 9 - 11, showcased two exceptional breakthroughs from PI. We displayed products made with Eastalite™, a new copolyester material from Eastman.

Additionally, we proudly showcased our first AmeriStar-awarded design for 2015. The recognized medical device packaging resulted from a partnership with GlaxoSmithKline, and was highlighted as an outstanding contribution to industry innovation.

Sargento Balanced Breaks

Health-inspired ingenuity isn’t just for the medical industry. Sargento Balanced Breaks™, a unique cheese snack pairing different varieties of cheese with fruits and nuts, required a packaging solution to encourage quality snacking in a consumer arena dominated by empty calories. This collaboration also garnered a 2015 AmeriStar Award.

The specialized thermoformed package and paperboard sleeve resulted from combined efforts among Sargento, PI, Bemis, and Zumbiel Packaging, and was recognized for six different categories of excellence.

  • Innovation: A sophisticated yin-yang geometry, a bundling of trays with a complimentary paperboard sleeve, and a unique tray design comfortable to both hand and tabletop set this product apart.
  • Product Protection: Combining easy-opening capability for consumers alongside seal integrity that can withstand altitude changes and the potential perils of shipping is a challenging task. This product continued to perform across six separate rounds of testing.
  • Economics: The design provided for significant improvements and savings in distribution, damage reduction, packing efficiency, material costs, and beyond.
  • Package Performance: Our close collaboration with Sargento Engineering resulted in a unique tray design optimized with a reverse draft stacking feature for compatibility with Sargento’s high-speed de-nesting equipment. Product protection, machinability and consumer experience were all carefully addressed.
  • Marketing: Product image, shelf impact, consumer acceptance and marketing appeal came into play with improved visibility, branding and a focus on “” Enhanced through the yin-yang tray and the idea of complementary product pairings, the package encourages the sales message of life and health balance.
  • Environmental Impact: A recyclable paperboard sleeve, minimum gram weight for the tray and corrugated shippers as well as optimized lid stock all contribute to a greener packaging solution.

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