Plastic Ingenuity wins 4th AmeriStar Award

Posted by Rob Helmke | Friday, April 20, 2012 0 Comments

Cross Plains, WI: - Plastic Ingenuity (PI) was recently awarded an AmeriStar Award in the Retail Category for their sustainable two-piece package for Orvis company. The award will be presented to Plastic Ingenuity at the 2012 Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) sponsored Packaging Summit held in Chicago.

IoPP encourages companies to submit their packaging each year in the annual AmeriStar Awards Competition. Packages are judged based on various criteria determined for excellence in multiple categories. These categories include: innovation, product protection, economics, package performance, marketing, and environmental impact.

This particular package holds fly line, which is used for fly fishing. It allows fishermen to purchase and carry extra line so they can re-spool their reels. The previous package consisted of two injection molded polystyrene parts that locked together to hold the line. Although this package was functional, Orvis wanted to move to a more environmentally friendly package. PI created a new package made from molded fiber that would not only hold the fly line, but also be environmentally friendly.

This is a unique package because it is one of the first of its kind. There are numerous companies that sell fly line. Most of these companies use the same type of rigid packaging. In most cases the package is injection molded and made from polystyrene. In an effort to move to a greener package Orvis contacted Plastic Ingenuity and inquired about its molded fiber technology. PI was able to use its type three molded fiber capabilities. Type three has the highest quality of thin walled products available. The process uses “Cure-In-The-Mold” technology which produces strong, well defined, smooth surfaced molded pulp parts. After being formed, the product is coined in multiple heated forming molds which press and densify the molded products. The products are ejected from the heated molds in their finished state as opposed to being dried in heated ovens.

Plastic Ingenuity is proud to work with companies such as Orvis. PI takes great pride in the work they do and is very thrilled to be receiving a prestigious award such as the AmeriStar. This is Plastic Ingenuity’s fourth AmeriStar award.

Plastic Ingenuity has been a national leader in the light gauge custom thermoforming industry since 1972, and continues to pace the industry with its unparalleled innovation and R&D. For more information contact Plastic Ingenuity at 608-798-3071 or visit

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