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Plastic packaging comes in a variety of shapes and sizes with uses varying from retail to medical, from food industry to electronics, and various others. What makes blister packaging so versatile is the capability to show a product while being safely sealed inside a container. Thermoforming provides the uniformity of the plastic packaging while highlighting the item within. In blister packaging, a certain sensitivity to design is still needed because of the use of a card to seal the plastic to. This card includes the brand name, the item description and whatever else that may be desired by the client.

Items to Consider for Blister Packs

One of the greatest appeals of the blister pack is that it is a sealed package. For this reason, it is most commonly known for being used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. You may recall the look of drugstore medications and the way they are carefully sealed within packages to allow for sterile conditions. Other uses of blister packs include such items as cosmetics, batteries, and other drugstore items such as floss or toothbrushes. The fact blister packs are sealed makes them a highlight for items that need to remain hygienic until used by a consumer or client.

Other Advantages to Blister Packs

Because blister packs are not as complicated to make as most other plastic packaging techniques, the cost to produce them is slightly lower than others. During the production of blister packaging, numerous of packs can be produced at once to contain various items. This defers the costs of having to make multiple packs for such small items as pills and batteries. The largest blister pack that can be made is about the size of a suitcase.

The tools at Plastic Ingenuity’s factories in Wisconsin allows for blister packaging to be customized for the client’s desired needs. Each pack is designed accordingly until the client’s requirements are met. Further review of the prototype before production is made until the packaging is completed appropriately.

The Secrets of Successful Packaging

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