How Food Packaging Must Evolve for E-Commerce

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By 2025, 70% of consumers will be purchasing food and beverage products online, reaching $100 billion in consumer sales, according to the Food Marketing Institute. To meet the rising demand for digital grocery services, many retailers are adopting e-commerce solutions to supplement their existing brick-and-mortar presence. And to fill online orders for groceries and meal kits, some brick-and-mortar retail grocers are even turning portions of their facilities into miniature distribution centers. 


Oxygen-Barrier Packaging: How to Prevent Food Spoilage

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As important as oxygen is to sustaining life, it’s one of the biggest contributors to food spoilage. A chemically and biologically reactive compound, oxygen accelerates the growth of microorganisms responsible for mold, yeast, and other harmful fungi. To prevent food spoilage and keep products fresh, food industry packaging experts turn to various flexible packaging solutions.


Extending Shelf Life with HPP Packaging

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What Exactly is HPP?

HPP is a specialized cold pasteurization technique wherein sealed food products are exposed to an immensely high hydrostatic pressure (pressure transmitted through water) that kills all traces of bacteria, mold, yeast, or any other common food contaminants. The process can take just a few seconds or last a few minutes, depending on the type of food product.


Why Customers Love Clamshell Packaging for Food

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The Future of Automated Food Packaging

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PET Packaging for Beverages

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Plastic Food Packaging for Freshness and Savings

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8 Factors for Successful Food Packaging

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When you think of the things that make a package stand out on the shelves, you probably have some go-to elements like color, size and label. With food packaging, however, there are some other factors that need to be considered when designing a package. Attractive packaging is one thing, but food packaging needs to address the unique needs of the food industry, such as:

  • Temperature requirements
  • Tamper evidence
  • Leak resistance
  • Label requirements
  • Equipment variation
  • Volume and automation possibilities
  • Stacking and denesting
  • Barrier properties.....and more
At Plastic Ingenuity, we want your business to succeed as much as you do, and that’s why we’re dedicated to helping our clients determine the best ways to design  quality food packaging.

Packaging Specifications for Food, Medical, and Retail Items

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Packaging standards are constantly evolving to provide consumers with the safest, most secure products possible. At Plastic Ingenuity, we are committed to educating ourselves on the latest packaging specifications across various industries. Here, we’ve outlined explanations of packaging standards for three different product types: food, medical and retail. Consult with our list to determine what to discuss with your packaging company for your specific products.


7 Key Points to Consider for Food Packaging

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