Packaging Challenges: Making Your Packaging Do More

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We work with a variety of substrates here at PI, including highly recyclable ones like PET, so we know the value of using sustainable materials. Product packaging made out of recyclable materials reduces waste and ultimately makes plastics better for the environment, but manufacturing with recyclable and repurposed materials is only part of the equation.


Using PET: The Benefits of Recycled Plastic Packaging

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When taking into account plastic packaging types, it's important to think about what kind of material you're using. The proper plastic can serve as a secure and valuable solution for your business needs, but there's more the right plastic can offer.


Plastic Food Packaging Options

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When considering packaging for food, there are several important issues to contemplate. Not only is it essential to find packaging materials that are safe for food use, but it is also imperative to consider what the packaging will look like to the consumer. Packaging that is appealing and easy to open makes the food more attractive to, and more likely to be purchased by, consumers. Luckily, there are a variety of food packaging options available to customers with all of the vital characteristics essential for proper food packaging.


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