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Cell phone packaging is a niche of the plastic packaging industry that requires producers to have a specialized understanding of their product and its use. When packaging makers without the right experience attempt to make these challenging products, they may overlook key elements of the design.Good Packaging for Cell-Phones

Packaging for cell phones meets a variety of needs in the marketplace. In the manufacturing process, package designers have to closely evaluate the need for accessibility, security and showcasing. Some cell phones primarily function as phones and require easy access to feature information and phone design. Other cell phones, like smartphones, are statement pieces as well as functional tools that people around the world use in their day-to-day lives.

Let’s take a look at some differences in packaging design.

Decorative Packaging

When a consumer is shopping for a new smartphone, he or she generally goes to a wireless carrier’s store. Cell phones are not on display in boxes on the shelf at these stores, but there are often sample cell phones on display for consumers to browse. The focus is on finding a service that meets a consumer’s needs and then viewing the options that will meet those needs.

The packaging for these cellphones, then, is supportive, but also features sleek and captivating designs. A popular design used for the top cellphone brands includes a cradle in a box that is then sleeved by a quality substrate and finish. The packaging provides little to no security against theft, but is adequate for these types of service carriers.

Functional Packaging

Other cell phone packaging is made to be placed on a shelf in convenience form. These types of cell phone packages were made available in the marketplace after the demand for prepaid cell phones increased.

The packaging for these phones is dictated by their primary use as a convenient, and many times necessary, mode of communication. They are generally contained in clear plastic clamshell packaging so that consumers can see the product easily before purchase. The materials are generally thermoformed to decrease the amount of plastic used while protecting the cell phone in a plastic cradle.

Plastic Ingenuity cell phone cases are made from PETG (polyethylene terephthalate) and HIPS (high impact styrene sheets) or PVC, depending on the brand. All materials are incredibly strong and durable to provide cell phones safety in transit and on store shelves. The packaging design is also secure, protecting companies’ investments in their products.

Plastic packaging providers work individually with companies to meet their needs for the product in brand separation/recognition, durability, and security. Every cell phone on the shelf is the product of careful consideration and manufacturing, making the industry the staple in American society that it is today.

Plastic Ingenuity offers a variety of options in cell phone packaging. Contact us today to start working with our experienced designers who can create the best plastic cell phone casing for your product.

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