When you need plastic packaging that’s lightweight, you simply can’t beat the elegant packaging design of Plastic Ingenuity’s custom and stock clamshell containers.

When you think about product packaging, you need to consider the practical side of the packaging design, not only in terms of who will produce your packaging and the type of packaging plastic you want to use, but also in terms of customer convenience. Is your packaging design lightweight? Is it a single-use packaging (fine for single-use products, but not for everything), or could your customers easily open and close the packaging for continual use? If not, it’s time you considered the clamshell container!

Clamshell Containers: Perfect for Nearly Every Product

Regardless of which industry you work in, you should consider switching to clamshell containers for their utility, mobility, and reusability. In addition to providing a durable hinge that can stand up to multiple uses, a clamshell container from Plastic Ingenuity is endlessly customizable. Whether you need colorful, opaque packaging designs for soap and other products, or transparent clamshell containers for baby greens, Plastic Ingenuity’s design and production team will collaborate on the perfect, brand-affirming plastic packaging that you and your customers will love.

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