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Ah—clamshell packaging. Where would the food industry be without it? Clamshell packaging encompasses the best in convenience and efficiency. Its hinges open readily; its latches keep it closed. Though available in everything from recycled cardboard to polystyrene foam, clamshell packaging is at its most useful when it’s made out of clear plastic. The reasons for this are fairly obvious—while polystyrene, paper, and cardboard hide food, plastic leaves it visible. Customers and industry players alike can tell how fresh and edible food is just by looking at it. Each packaging company has their own variation on clamshell packaging, but it remains the go-to packaging for so many industries.

Clamshell packaging is reusable.

It’s virtually impossible to damage the sturdy plastic used to make clamshell packaging. A good packaging company will use polyethylene, or a similarly hard plastic, leading to plastic packaging that is virtually indestructible (outside of scissors and severe heat, of course). It can keep delicate baby greens fresh, or it can be washed and reused by consumers as a lunch box. This makes plastic clamshell packaging one of the greener solutions out there, particularly as more companies introduce rebate programs.

Clamshell packaging is utilitarian.

Suitable for nearly any stage of production or consumption, clamshell packaging is everything a restaurant owner or packaging company could want. It protects during shipment, stands up to high heat, and is easy to transport.

Clamshell packaging is elegant.

There is something elegant in the simplicity of clamshell packaging. But appearance isn’t everything—it’s also simple to store. In general, a packaging company will design it to stack easily, taking up as little storage room as possible.

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