With decades of industry experience as a manufacturer of plastic, Plastic Ingenuity offers custom and stock clamshell packaging for the food industry and more.

Clamshell packaging is useful and versatile.

Due to its hinge and clasp options, clamshell packaging is appealing across a broad spectrum of industries, but it is especially popular in the food industry. As a manufacturer of plastic, Plastic Ingenuity has produced custom packaging for farms and high-end restaurants alike. We provide a reusable, recyclable alternative to cardboard, which is easily damaged by moisture. We provide both stock and custom plastic packaging for our clients, making us the go-to manufacturer of plastic, whether you are in the market for distinctiveness or functionality.

Clamshell packaging protects food from evaporation and damage.

Your customers don’t need to be foodies to know that dried-out produce and prepared food is wholly unappetizing. Whether you run a grocery store selling pre-cut fruit or a shipping company, your first priority should be to ensure that your products maintain peak freshness for as long as possible. Clamshell packaging will not only retain moisture; it will also keep particulate and microbes away from the food, extending its shelf life. In addition to maintaining the quality of your products, Plastic Ingenuity’s years as a manufacturer of plastic have given us the ability to select the precise type and thickness of plastic necessary to protect your products during shipment and on the shelf.

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