With decades of experience, Plastic Ingenuity’s thermoformer team offers unmatched efficiency in the production of clamshell packaging.

Clamshell packaging has more than proven its versatility across a broad spectrum of industries. From its convenient hinges to its clasping options, a plastic clamshell is unbelievably utilitarian, and is particularly popular within the food industry. The thermoformer team at Plastic Ingenuity has manufactured clamshell packaging for every level of this complex, essential, and rapidly evolving industry. Our clamshell packages provide a durable, recyclable alternative to cardboard, which degrades easily and is prone to mold damage when exposed to moisture. We offer both stock and custom clamshell packaging, making Plastic Ingenuity the preferred manufacturer of plastic clamshells among food industry leaders.

Protect your product and your clients with clamshell packaging.

Your customers demand the freshest food, and our thermoformers will ensure that they receive it. Whether your company produces fruit hybrids or prepared foods, you’ll want to ensure that your company maintains its reputation for freshness and quality. Clamshell packaging will retain moisture, while keeping out insects, dust, microbes, and oxidizing agents to dramatically extend the shelf life of your products.

Choose stock or custom clamshell packaging.

Every Plastic Ingenuity employee, from our design specialists to our highly trained thermoformer team, is completely dedicated to your satisfaction. That’s why we produce stock and custom clamshell containers. While we specialize in, and are known for, our customized packaging, we also produce stock containers for restaurants. They are incredibly popular, so place your order in advance to take advantage of our flawless designs.

Request custom or stock clamshell packaging from our team of thermoformers today!

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