When a manufacturer requires a package with shapes, seals, or dimensions outside the scope of standard packaging solutions, custom packaging equipment can help meet these specialized demands. “Off-the-shelf” automation equipment can offer convenience, but it often places constraints on design and production capabilities.

Many people believe that using standard automation equipment will be more cost-effective than developing a custom automation solution, but this is not always the case — especially when considering the overall production efficiency provided by custom solutions.

Plastic Ingenuity offers custom packaging automation integration solutions to help customers build and customize their current automation equipment, thereby ensuring that their distinct packaging is efficient and reliable. From the early design phases to final testing, our engineering team has the experience to support custom packaging equipment for any type of product.

AutomationIntegrationApplicable Industries

Given the high-volume production orders and sheer amount of unique product designs, the food, medical device, and pharmaceutical packaging industries often require custom packaging and automation equipment. Engineered packaging systems offer convenient solutions for a number of industries and are often used to manufacture containers such as retail blister packs for cosmetics and electronics, as well as plastic trays for medical devices.

Plastic Ingenuity’s production engineers typically work with medium- to large-sized companies to help develop their custom packaging machinery. We’ve customized equipment for various common packaging applications, including automated filling lines, retail blister cards, modified atmospheric pressure (MAP), high pressure processing (HPP), and custom thermoforming.

The Value of an Automation Partner

Not many plastic thermoformers provide custom packaging equipment and automation solutions plus the ongoing engineering support required for the months or years of planning for a new product launch. Plastic Ingenuity is proud to offer this value-added service; our production engineers will work with your package engineering, product R&D, and plant management teams to create an efficient and effective automation solution.

Much of our own internal production equipment is built by our production engineering team in our own facility. This package engineering and development expertise allows us to help our customers achieve optimal design and production capabilities by customizing and testing equipment systems to match their specific needs.

As your trusted automation partner, we will not only provide expert packaging development assistance and testing, but will also sustain ongoing engineering support long after your product has been launched. Our team takes pride in our proactive involvement on our customers’ production floors, which ensures that we stay ahead of any potential issues.

Want to Learn More?

Plastic Ingenuity is one of the largest custom thermoformers in North America, providing customers with innovative packaging solutions as well as a wealth of experience and engineering support for custom automation systems. Our team of experts specializes in guiding projects from start to finish, eliminating the stresses of time and resource constraints along the way.

Do you use automation in your packaging facility? To learn more about how Plastic Ingenuity’s experienced production engineers can help ensure your plastic packaging runs efficiently on your automated equipment, download our free automation integration guide.