Not all plastic packaging needs to be tamper-proof, heavy-duty, or tightly sealed. While thermoforming and clamshell packaging are appropriate for certain applications, others require considerably less security. In fact, making the packaging design easy to open has distinct advantages for the consumer. This is just another example of why a manufacturer has to carefully consider not just what they’re capable of, but what’s appropriate for the task at hand.

Who is opening the package?

In some cases, difficult-to-open plastic packaging isn’t appropriate for the product’s value or the customer that will eventually open it. A perfect example is a child’s toy, like an action figure or toy car. Small toys like these have relatively low value, and they are eventually opened by children. Those factors in mind, they are regularly packaged in a type of blister packaging, usually with a cardboard backing. Blister packaging is inexpensive and easy to open, making it perfect for this type of application. Heavy-duty packaging that requires scissors to open is unnecessarily expensive, and can directly or indirectly hurt the child opening it.

This is also a consideration when creating products commonly used by the elderly. Plastic packaging that securely snaps shut and opens with minimal resistance is ideal for elderly consumers, who may not have the dexterity or strength that they once did.

How quickly do you need the product?

Easy-open packaging design is also the preferable choice for many medical products because medical professionals need quick and easy access to these products. In medical situations, emergency or not, easy access to products like syringes, bandages, and other medical products is critical. The packaging design has to be both completely sterile and easy to open with one hand or two.

When Easy-Opening Isn’t Appropriate

Of course, easy-opening packaging designs aren’t always a good choice, no matter who is using the products inside. For example, some children’s toys have high value, and should be packaged more securely than others. The same goes for consumer medical products, which have to be able to resist tampering in the store and should not be easily opened.

More Information About Easy-Open Packaging

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