It takes more than a single plastic manufacturer employee to conceptualize, design, mold, and mass produce your packaging solutions.

Packaging design and production is a collaborative effort that encourages people to work together—and not even just the people working for the manufacturer. Outside agencies and even the client have a collaborative say in the design and construction of plastic packaging, making it a process that requires the combined input of many experts in order to create a wholly satisfying final product.

Designing Around Cards and Inserts

In many cases, it takes more than just the plastic packaging made by the manufacturer to finish a product. For example, blister packaging typically attaches to a backing, like a printed piece of cardboard. Clamshells and tri-fold packaging usually have a paper insert inside to advertise the product. The product’s manufacturer then works with both a plastic manufacturer and an insert/backing printer, and those two companies work with each other, as well. The plastic manufacturer and the printer collaborate on the size, shape and overall design of the package, so that it and the printed aspect fit cohesively.

Working Alongside the Client

Nobody knows your product better than you do, and an effective plastic manufacturer understands that. That’s why your manufacturer should collaborate with you on every aspect of the packaging design, so that your product’s packaging accurately reflects your priorities and your values. This ensures that your product is showcased in exactly the way you had in mind, and that its shelf appeal is maximized to your specifications. Your plastic manufacturer should take your priorities into consideration, then provide you with a prototype that you can inspect and critique. The package is one of the first things that consumers will notice about your product, so it’s only appropriate that you get a say in its design and manufacturing.

More Information About the Packaging Design and Manufacturing Process

It takes more steps than those discussed here to design and create the perfect packaging. To learn more about this collaborative process and what it means for you, contact Plastic Ingenuity.