We make high-quality plastic packaging suitable for a number of industries.

Why Plastic Packaging is Essential to Your Success

Plastic packaging is among the first things your consumers see when they are browsing the aisles. Packaging that is cracked or otherwise damaged will be bypassed, while packaging that is unattractive will likely be ignored. That’s why Plastic Ingenuity extrudes its own sheets and thermoforms high-quality plastic packaging for our retail clients.

In addition to protecting your products from damage during shipping or client handling, our high-quality plastic packaging is custom-fitted to provide your products with the most attractive display possible. Our design specialists will consult with you regarding the dimensions and shape of your product, and take into consideration any graphics or labels that you wish to include in the plastic packaging.

Production of Plastic Packaging

Once you have approved a design prototype, our production team takes over. We extrude sheets of high-quality plastic ourselves, offering a range of colors and thicknesses depending on the design of your product and the protection it requires. From there, we are able to produce large and small packaging runs utilizing our continually improving thermoforming techniques. Plastic Ingenuity handles all tasks relating to plastic packaging production, so we guarantee speedy production. You’ll never need to communicate with third-party facilities when you work with us.

Our Plastic Packaging Solutions

We produce a number of plastic packaging solutions, giving us nearly infinite range when it comes to customizing designs for our retail clients. We currently produce packaging for:

  • Food products
  • Mobile devices
  • Makeup
  • Other cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biological products

How to Reach Plastic Ingenuity

If your company is in need of customized packaging solutions and speedy production of plastic packaging, look no further! Contact Plastic Ingenuity today or call (608) 798-3071 to consult with one of our packaging specialists.