A plastic manufacturer that can customize designs for your company’s packaging and production needs.

Custom Packaging Design and Superior Service

Is your company facing a dilemma regarding product packaging and production, or having trouble finding the right plastic manufacturer or product packaging company? The talented design, engineering, and production teams at Plastic Ingenuity specialize in constructing solutions for clients whose projects require creative design solutions. As a leading plastic manufacturer serving a wide range of industries, we have designed and produced unique, thermoformed plastic solutions with a range in shapes, compositions, and properties.

We Understand Factories and Production Lines

Because every factory creates a unique product, every factory creates unique challenges when it comes to matching plastic components to moving parts. While some plastic manufacturers produce one-size-fits-all parts, Plastic Ingenuity recognizes the problems an ill-fitting plastic component can cause within your facility. Before we approve a custom packaging solution or plastic model for production, we will create a prototype, or series of prototypes, that will allow you to physically examine the design and ensure the piece will work within your distinct facilities.

A Plastic Manufacturer with Limitless Potential

Due to the diversity of the industries we serve, our flexibility in production and design has created a nearly limitless potential when it comes to packaging design and manufacturing plastics. With every packaging design, from delicate-yet-sturdy blister packs to hard plastic clamshell designs, at our disposal, there is no limit to what we can accomplish for your company. We serve a wide range of industries, including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Production
  • Cosmetic
  • Food Service
  • Hospital
  • More!

Consult with the Leading Plastic Manufacturer

To learn more about our plastics manufacturing and how we can meet your plastic packaging and production needs, contact Plastic Ingenuity today or call us at (608) 798-3071.