We manufacture plastic packaging of all sorts, but our true specialty is custom packaging. No matter which industry you represent, Plastic Ingenuity can design a package that protects and displays your products to the best effect.

While some manufacturers of plastic packaging take a one-size-fits-all approach to packaging, at Plastic Ingenuity, we believe in a different approach. Instead of forcing objects into uniform packaging, we customize our packaging to meet the unique shapes, dimensions, and requirements of your products. Our approach involves a number of design specialists and a dedicated thermoforming team—the result is packaging for retail that perfectly reflects your company, your product, and your efforts.

Understanding Our Custom Packaging Process

Every product is different, and our design and plastic manufacturing teams strive to ensure that our packaging speaks to the uniqueness of your products. They accomplish this through a number of approaches to custom packaging, and their process depends much more on your product than on our facilities’ capabilities. We begin by asking you questions regarding the dimensions of your product, as well as any special protection it might require with regard to temperature or seals. This is particularly important when we design custom packaging for pharmaceuticals or medical products, which always require increased safety standards and we only manufacture plastic packaging for these products in industry-approved clean rooms. From there, we decide on the best type of plastic and generate a prototype of your packaging, usually within a week. We won’t begin production until you’ve approved the manufacture of you plastic packaging.

As a vertically integrated manufacturer of plastic, we offer affordable packaging.

We control all levels of production, from the manufacture of plastic to the creation of customized packaging. Because we never outsource production to other companies, you won’t need to worry about paying an intermediary supplier, which keeps your total costs down. You’ll receive full package customization and production at a reasonable price, receiving packaging that is as affordable as it is high-quality.

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