Tamper-proof packaging for optimized safety and theft protection.

No consumer wants to buy a product if they’re unsure that it’s safe, but they aren’t the only ones that value security. When you choose plastic packaging, you want to know that your product is secure and not easily removed or tampered with. This is why tamper-proof packaging designs are as popular as they are—they protect both you and the consumer. With a tamper-proof design in place, you both know that the contents of the package are safe and secure.

Plastic Packaging Defends Against Theft

When you package a small, high-value item, you want to make sure that it isn’t easy to steal. Think about items like SD cards; high-value, over-the-counter medications; and GPS devices—things that could easily fit in the palm of a hand or a back pocket, but are potentially worth a substantial amount. This is why some small items, like electronics accessories, come in such oversized plastic packaging—they give the product volume and make it conspicuous. The real security, however, comes from the type of packaging itself. For example, clamshell packaging is often used for these high-value items because it can create a tight seal around the package perimeter. After the plastic is thermoformed, it can be sealed, essentially forging it shut and preventing the package from being opened inconspicuously.

Protecting Against Tampering

Plastic packaging with tamper-proof or tamper-evident features also give consumers peace of mind, because they can buy your product without the concern that it has been tampered with. In the case of packages designed for the food and beverage industry, like plastic salad bowls with locking lids, this may come in the form of tamper-evident seals. Seals and other comparable measures alert the consumer if a package has been opened, similar to metal “pop-up” caps used on glass bottles. It works as a tamper deterrent while also giving your customers a sense of security when they choose your product.

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