The molding of plastics requires trained hands and experienced engineers because plastic manufacturers work with a wide variety of materials and products. Custom packaging is the backbone of this industry, as virtually every product demands a unique package. From the moment of conception to the final mass production, plastic molding companies have to be well-versed in the most advanced production technologies.

Designing and Building

Plastic manufacturers work directly with their clients to develop concepts for each individual product. After developing a concept and getting the prototype approved, the manufacturer builds the tools required to produce the package from scratch. In the custom packaging industry, the molds used to mass produce packages have to be created by plastics engineers.

Thermoforming and Vacuum Forming

Thermoforming plastic is a common technique of producing consistent packages using a mold. During this process, plastic is heated, stretched over the custom mold, and then cooled. As it hardens, it retains the shape of the mold. Depending on the type of plastic used, this can present certain challenges. For example, some plastics shrink more than others as their temperatures drop. Vacuum forming is a similar process in which heated plastic is stretched over a mold, and while it is generally more cost-effective and easier to produce, the results are less consistent than in thermoforming.

Plastic Manufacturing and Custom Solutions

The manufacturer’s work doesn’t end with designing and producing the package. Plastic engineers may also be tasked with implementing security solutions, depending on the client and the client’s product. For example, some plastic packaging is low-security and easy to open, requiring little more from the manufacturer than a consistent product. In other cases, the packaging must be thermoformed and sealed tightly to itself, creating an airtight container that can only be penetrated using a tool. Thermoforming technology makes it possible to create tamper-proof packaging for high-value items without compromising the aesthetics of the package.

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