Highlight the distinctive attributes of your product and brand with customized packaging from Plastic Ingenuity.

You want your products to be the best in the market, and your research and development teams have helped you to accomplish just that. Considering how much effort you and your company put into designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality products, shouldn’t your customized packaging be just as distinctive as those products? At Plastic Ingenuity, we believe that custom packaging is a powerful branding tool that can enhance the visibility and marketability of all products. No matter which industry you represent, our design team can incorporate aspects of your brand identity into our specialized, customized packaging in order to help you expand your customer base in stores, online, and in ads.

Enjoy custom packaging expertly thermoformed in our facilities.

We are meticulous in all aspects of production, from design to the plastic thermoforming process. That’s why we produce each customized package ourselves—to control the integrity of the design and ensure that your product packaging meets our standard. Our team enjoys ongoing training to remain at the cutting edge of custom packaging design and production. As a result we can ensure that our facilities meet the highest federal standards in terms of hygiene, environmental integrity, and quality.

We produce customized packaging for any company in any industry.

Due to the versatility and quality of our facilities, we are able to serve clients across several industries. From maintaining clean rooms for medical and pharmaceutical packaging to creating unique, custom packaging for a variety of retail products, we provide each of our clients with the customized design and superior packaging they need to distinguish themselves from the competition. Most of our clients work in the following industries (but we work with clients from all areas):

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If you are interested in our services and would like to learn more about our production process and capabilities, explore our website today! To contact a design specialist directly, you may Live Chat with us online or call us at 608-798-3071.