When you want the packaging your product comes in to reflect the care and ingenuity that went into your product’s design, custom packaging is the way to do it. A plastic manufacturer that specializes in custom designs and production can give your product the individual attention it deserves during the marketing stage.

Developing a Concept

The first step is working with your plastic manufacturer to develop a packaging concept. This concept will define the rest of the process, so having a rough idea of what you’d like your packaging to look like makes things easier from the beginning. One of the biggest contributing factors to this is the fact that different types of plastic have different advantages and disadvantages, so your wants and needs for your product will help determine the plastic material that is best for you. For example, some plastics are better for providing crystal-clear windows, while others are better suited for custom coloration. Some plastics are more flexible, while some are more brittle—the type of product packaging you end up using depends largely on the type of plastic you use.

Protecting Your Product

When developing a custom packaging solution for your product, you should always take the value of that product into consideration. Plastic thermoforming affords you an unparalleled level of security, as the plastic can be bonded to itself to the point where it must be cut open. This type of packaging is particularly popular with small, high-value items, like cell phones and other electronic devices.

Of course, if you don’t need such high security around your product, your packaging doesn’t have to be as tamper-proof. If you are packaging something equally small but without that intrinsic value, like grapes, a simple clamshell that easily opens and recloses may be more appropriate. This is why custom packaging is so popular—plastics can be manipulated and mass-produced with relative ease, enabling you to develop the solution best suited for your individual product.

Getting Started with Your Own Packaging

If you think that custom packaging is right for you and your product, start exploring your options today. Contact Plastic Ingenuity today for a consultation.