As a packaging manufacturer with an ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental impact, we now offer biodegradable packaging to our clients.

When it comes to taking the extra steps necessary to be a responsible packaging manufacturer, Plastic Ingenuity is ahead of the curve. Not only do we offer biodegradable packaging made from cellulose (wood fiber); we also manufacture PET and other plastics that are entirely recyclable. But we don’t stop there!

We take care of our facilitiesand the environment.

Any type of plastic work, including the extrusion of plastic sheets to make biodegradable packaging, involves a lot of heat. While you’ll hear more about the dangers of carbon emissions in the news, heat pollution is a serious problem affecting a number of U.S. waterways. Heated water rejects oxygen, meaning that native species of fish and invertebrates can, essentially, suffocate from being too warm. To counteract this, while manufacturing plastic of the highest quality, we divert all water used during production into cooling tanks. We then wait until it has reached its optimal temperature before returning it to the river. As a result, the river life can continue to thrive and, as a packaging manufacturer that values the environment, Plastic Ingenuity can rest assured that we are not negatively impacting the local habitat.

Making biodegradable packaging keeps us warm in the winter!

During the summer months, we can’t wait to get rid of all that heat, but we put it to good use in the winter! All that heat produced through the manufacturing of plastic packaging is diverted through our facilities to keep us warm. This cuts down on our electricity bill, keeps our workers comfortable, and, like our biodegradable packaging, is yet another example of our commitment to sustainability.

Learn more about our environmental initiatives today!

Our commitment to the environment runs deep. You can learn more about our history of green plastic packaging production by contacting us today, or calling us at 608-798-3071.