We produce thermoformed plastics in modern, eco-friendly facilities.

Plastic Ingenuity constantly improves our facilities to effect innovation and speed.

Thermoforming plastic produces some of the best packaging solutions on the market, and Plastic Ingenuity is an industry leader in further improving this technology. We regularly upgrade our facilities, both to increase the speed and safety of our production, and to dramatically reduce the impact we have on the environment. As a result, our thermoformed plastics are not only versatile and sturdy; they are also produced in completely eco-friendly facilities.

We manage every aspect of production for thermoformed plastics.

From partnering with the best suppliers in the industry to extruding our plastic for the production of thermoformed packaging, Plastic Ingenuity handles all aspects of plastic packaging. Because we serve a wide range of industries—from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics to food packaging—our facilities are designed to handle a diverse array of custom and stock packaging solutions made from thermoformed plastics, like polyethylene and PVC.

Green Packaging and Green Facilities

We recognize that plastic has a bad reputation when it comes to the environment, but as an innovative plastic packaging company, Plastic Ingenuity is committed to changing that. As a member of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' Green Tier program, and a primary contributor with NAPCOR’s PET recycling initiative, we feel it is our personal responsibility to ensure our thermoformed plastics are produced in the greenest facilities possible. Our environmental efforts include:

  • Using heat generated during production to warm our facilities
  • Wood-pulp thermoforming
  • Producing plastic that is up to 100% recycled materials
  • Returning cooled, purified water into the Black Earth Creek
  • Biodegradable PLA packaging

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