Need to redesign your packaging for retail? Contact Plastic Ingenuity to find a whole new breed of packaging company!

At our vertically integrated packaging company, we understand how important packaging for retail is to your company. Packaging for retail reflects your values, your brand name, your aesthetic, and, in some cases, your commitment to the environment. That’s why Plastic Ingenuity produces the most creative and eco-friendly packaging for retail in the industry. As a packaging company, we know just how much our product packaging can increase your visibility in retail stores and on websites, but we also know that customers demand eco-friendly packaging for retail products that reflect their values.

Discover Our Eco-Friendly Plastic Packaging Company

Creating packaging for retail involves a lot of heat, but that doesn’t mean it involves heat pollution. Our packaging company diverts the heat of production throughout the building, keeping the entire facility warm during those cold Wisconsin winters. We return our water used during production to the local waterways after purifying it in rain gardens and allowing it to cool. And we don’t stop there! We also use eco-friendly materials made from wood pulp and post-consumer waste.

The Result? Packaging for Retail Worthy of the “Green” Label

By working with a packaging company that demonstrates an ongoing commitment to the environment, you are making a statement. Modern shoppers stay on top of marketing trends. If they know that your packaging for retail was made in a green manner, they are far more likely to purchase your products than those of your less eco-friendly competitors. It pays to go green!

To find out more about Plastic Ingenuity’s green solutions and packaging for retail, contact us online today or call us at 608-798-3071.