Find out how our constantly improving thermoforming plastic process can develop packaging for products in any industry.

Packaging for products in any field!

As products evolve, so does packaging for products. To keep on top of packaging trends, and to ensure our facilities are running as smoothly as possible, Plastic Ingenuity regularly upgrades our thermoforming plastic facilities. We are able to produce packaging for products more quickly, streamlining and diversifying our capabilities. We can create packaging for products as large as a food shipment and as small as a pill. As a result, we serve a wide spectrum and are always up for a challenge when it comes to thermoforming plastic.

Which industries need our green thermoforming plastic services?

Plastic packaging is ubiquitous, especially given the introduction of greener packaging options. We’ve been thermoforming plastic made from wood pulp for years, and are always looking for new ways to provide innovative, environmentally conscious plastic packaging. While we can create packaging for products in any field, most of our clients represent companies that are:

  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical Production and Research
  • Cosmetics Production and Research
  • Food Services and Supply
  • Retail of All Kinds
  • Electronics Manufacturers

We’ll work with you to create a packaging design that promotes your brand and is produced using the very best thermoforming plastic equipment available.

To request customized packaging for products from Plastic Ingenuity today, or to learn more about our thermoforming plastic facilities, you may contact us online or by phone at 608-798-3071 to speak with a representative directly.