Biodegradable packaging gives you and your clients increased peace of mind. And it’s just one of Plastic Ingenuity’s many packaging solutions.

Plastic is probably the most useful man-made substance on the planet. It can be any color, conform to any shape, and provide packaging solutions for any industry. Up until now, the only drawback to using plastic packaging has been its less than stellar environmental record, but that is changing. Since it began operating, Plastic Ingenuity has been committed to providing plastic packaging that satisfies our clients without impacting the environment in an adverse manner. In addition to providing recyclable plastic packaging, Plastic Ingenuity has incorporated eco-friendly packaging into our repertoire. Made from wood pulp, our biodegradable packaging is just as flexible and functional as conventional plastic, but is made from organic sources rather than petroleum-derived sources. It’s just one of the many steps Plastic Ingenuity has taken to ensure we operate in a way that is good for our clients and good for the environment.

Beyond Biodegradable and Recyclable Packaging

Creating our packaging solutions requires a great deal of water, and the water is often quite hot at the end of production. Releasing this heat into the nearby stream would either cook the creatures who inhabit it or suffocate them by reducing the oxygen level of the water. To prevent this, we redirect the heat throughout our facility to warm it. This cuts down on our electricity bill (which also saves our clients money by reducing the cost of production), keeps us comfy during those freezing Wisconsin winters and, like our biodegradable packaging, represents one of the many steps we are taking to reduce our impact on the environment.

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