As recycling centers continue to expand their services throughout the U.S., Plastic Ingenuity is committed to making all of our packaging plastic easily recyclable. This includes producing PET packaging made from the most commonly recycled plastic available.

You probably don’t think much about the little number in the recycling icon. Recycling centers have expanded their services to include more company-provided sorting, which allows consumers to ignore the details. But regardless of how much attention you give the recycling process, when you decide on packaging for your company, you should know that PET packaging not only provides superior durability, an abundance of colors, and an incredible range of design possibilities; it is also the most commonly recycled packaging plastic in the industry. PET packaging can be repurposed into a number of new items, and is in high demand as a multi-purpose packaging plastic capable of handling a wide variety of items.

What Choosing PET Packaging Means for Your Company

More and more corporations are leaning toward a greener attitude when it comes to choosing their plastic packaging. That’s why, in addition to offering biodegradable packaging made from cellulose, Plastic Ingenuity is proud to offer PET packaging to all of our clients. And whether you want to start a recycling initiative on your own or simply advertise your commitment to making recycling as easy as possible for your customers, you can use Plastic Ingenuity’s embossing and graphics incorporation to spread the word.

Ask for PET packaging plastic and more today!

If you want to learn more about our efforts to go green or request plastic packaging made from PET and other recyclable or biodegradable plastics, contact us now or call us at 608-798-3071.